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Tyler County Texas Wall Map

Tyler County Texas Wall Map


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Tyler Texas Metro Wall Map

Tyler Texas Metro Wall Map


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Tyler, Texas is a city that is located in Smith County, Texas. Tyler is the county seat of Smith County. Tyler is named after President John Tyler. The 2000 census said that the population of Tyler, Texas is 83,650. In 2007, there are 105,873 people in the city. Tyler, Texas is the main city of the Tyler Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is part of a larger Tyler-Jacksonville, Texas combined statistical area.

Tyler, Texas is said to be the "Rose Capital of America" because of the large number of rose growers in the area. Apparently about 20% of commercial rose bushes produced in the United States are grown in the Tyler and Smith County area. More than half of the rose bushes are packaged and shipped from the Tyler, Texas area. Tyler currently has the largest municipal rose garden in the United States and hosts the Texas Rose Festival each October, which draws more than 100,000 people.

Because of the large number of people in the area, there are many Tyler Texas lawyers, which is to be expected. The antique capital of the area is Gladewater, Texas, and Gladewater.org has more information about this small East Texas town, which is near Tyler, Texas.

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